Natural Eyelashes

Fake Eyelashes v/s Natural Ways to Grow Eyelashes

Women, at any age, would love to have long and thick eyelashes which look beautiful and attractive. With growing age, the eyelashes become weak and delicate resulting in an abnormal falling of lashes. This could happen due to various reasons such as unhealthy and nutrient-less diet, allergies, as a side effect of various medicines or sometimes due to aging factor. However, all women would want their eyelashes to grow back or simply should never fall at the first place. Instead, they would want their eyelashes to look long, dark, thick and attractive throughout their life.

Many women, in order to get instant long and dark eyelashes, go for fake eyelashes. Fake or false eyelashes are a fantastic way of giving your eyes and face, the attractive look that you have always desired for. While applying fake eyelashes is considered as a tedious task for many women out there, the fact is that wearing false eyelashes is a much easier task when compared to applying coat after coat of mascara and curling your eyelashes. Another myth about false eyelashes is that they should not be worn regularly. The fact is that if they are applied and removed in a proper way, they can be worn regularly or even more than once in a day. Fake eyelashes add wisdom, sultriness and attractiveness to your eyes and your overall facial appearance.

On the other hand, some women believe that false eyelashes are temporary and would not help them gain similar rewards and appreciation as natural eyelashes would. Nature has something to offer for these women too. In order to get long, thick and dark eyelashes naturally, you should reach no further than a simple bottle of castor oil which can be found at the nearby stores. Castor oil is natural oil which is derived from the castor bean plant. Its uses are myriad including its usage as a cosmetic, in holistic medicines as a laxative and in food as a preservative. Castor oil is made up of ricinoleic acid and oleic acid which is also used in various cosmetic medicines such as shampoos and lip balms.

Castor oil, due to its low molecular mass which means smaller oil molecules, penetrate deep into the hair follicles and remove the dirt and the bacteria which act as a hindrance in the natural growth of your eyelashes. This helps the eyelashes to re-grow to their maximum potential.

Make sure the castor oil that you use is 100% pure and contains no other additives. You can purchase such bottles from any nearby health store or you can also order pure Castor oil bottles online. It is also believed that the same effect can be achieved by applying petroleum jelly to your eyelashes before going to sleep as it produces the same effect as the castor oil does. The fact is that petroleum jelly also contains castor oil along with other additives and can be used in the same manner in order to re-grow your eyelashes. Results may vary from person to person but you need to apply the same for at least 3-4 weeks in order to get the best results.

If you want longer, fuller and natural eyelashes, here is a great resource which will help you get the desired results.

Christmas Shopping

I wanted to write this post around the Christmas so that my readers could also know what I bought this Christmas season but as you all know I was pregnant at that time so couldn’t write much. Also, there were guest coming at home so got really busy in making arrangements for them, with my husband. Well, not I am back to writing and hope that my readers will enjoy my posts as they used to enjoy earlier. Also, there has already been a great start to my new year since we were blessed with a cute little baby girl whose name we have kept as Alice. Alice is our first baby and is over a month now. We have been really excited and on our toes for managing everything from work to office to home and are making efforts in making arrangements for her so that she feels comfortable at home.

Having said that, I’d like to share with you a few things that we bought this Christmas from our savings. The first and the foremost thing was a Nikon DSLR camera which my husband wanted to buy from a long time and we made sure that we bought that this year because we have been saving for it for long now. We also knew that we were going to expect a boy or a girl sometime around Christmas so we had to save for that as well but the camera was really important because my husband has a great passion about photography. With the camera with us now, we also clicked some great photos of our baby girl and I would be sharing them soon with all you guys.

There were few more important things which we had to buy this Christmas. These were electronic items only and were available at a great discount during the Christmas sale and hence we thought to pick them up quickly. One of the things was a baby monitor and the other was a tablet. I realized that with a baby to take care of, I would not be able to sit on my computer table for long and would need something handy to stay in touch with people on the internet. So buying a tablet was the best option since it would allow me to read my mail and browse sites easily. The baby monitor on the other hand was sort of an investment because we would soon need it and since it was available on sale, we thought we should buy it now.

Apart from that, there were few household items that we bought which are of daily use and were available at sale when you buy in bulk. There were a lot of things that caught our attention online, like a convertible car seat for babies, but we thought it is wise to save money now than to repent later because one never knows how much money is required when you have a baby to take care of. The demands are endless but we have to restrict ourselves at some point with limited funds at the moment.

Blessed With a Baby Girl

baby girlWith so much excitement and happiness, I must tell you that we are blessed with a baby girl. We are really excited and are thanking God for the best gift this Christmas to us. I must tell you that she is really beautiful and looks like an angel. I will be uploading her picture soon on our blog for our audience to see. This is the main reason I haven’t been writing these days but I really felt that I should update my readers with this news so I decided to write a post today.

With so much enthusiasm and eagerness, we are now setting up our home and trying to make sure that we have each and everything our baby needs. Since it is our first baby, we are excited as well as nervous at the same time because on one side, there is a lot of happiness because of her birth but on the other side we need to take care of a lot of things which a newborn needs as well as modify our home in accordance with the baby requirements as per the government. Frankly speaking, we are also thinking about how we will spend our money, which is limited as of now, in buying the new things so that we have at least the basic stuff that is required.

I know that you guys are also very happy to hear this news and wouldn’t mind my absence on the blog for the last couple of weeks. I would really appreciate if you give me your feedback and suggestions on what all things are required when a baby is born in order to have all the stuff that the baby needs. We have also thought of this stuff and I am just writing out some essential things below which have crossed our minds. I hope that you would also give me a lot of suggestions and share your experiences at the same time.

The first and the foremost things to keep the baby cozy and comfortable would be a baby blanket, a small cot, the mattress for the cot and a rocker. Apart from that, we have decided to buy a big pack of diapers and few small towels to wipe and keep the surroundings clean. We were also thinking of buying a double stroller which will help us carry the baby when we are going outside and will also help in future when the baby grows up and we plan for another baby. I have also asked one of my friends to give me a checklist of the vaccinations for the baby so that she stays protected from all the diseases. We would also be going for shopping to buy some infant clothes such as a small top and skirt, a small cap and socks to keep her warm all the time. I am quite excited to see her grow up and can’t wait for the moment when she calls me mommy. I am sure you can see the level of my excitement. Hope you enjoyed this post and would share your suggestions with me.

Top 3 Electronic Gadgets for Moms

Electronic gadgets have become a part of our life nowadays and we can’t think of living without these obligatory machines even for a single day. On one hand, we have become so addicted to them that we have even started ignoring our loved ones and we almost spend most of our time getting involved with these gadgets. On the other hand, we often forget that some of these gadgets are invented by humans to make our life a lot much easier and comfortable. It’s just because of our lust for comfort that we have become addicted to them and sometimes even ruin our relationships over their usage. However, we will talk about 3 best electronic gadgets which have made our life a lot easier than it was prior to their invention and what all facilities these friendly looking instruments have provided us.

1. Mobile or Cell Phone

phoneThe first electronic Gadget which comes to our mind as soon as we talk about electronic gadgets is a Mobile Phone or a Cell Phone as we often call it. Well the advantages of this gadget are myriad as this has been one of the most helpful inventions to the human race. It is considered to be the best means of communication no matter where the sender and receiver are situated. The presence of this gadget gives a sense of safety and a sense of “Not being so far” to a person located in any part of the world. The usage of a mobile phone is not only restricted to speaking over the phone, it has also introduced us to a brand new phase of entertainment and internet.

2. Laptops

laptopSlowly and steadily, the desktop computers are phasing out and are being replaced by portable and easily accessible laptops. Although expensive than their counterparts, laptops have emerged to be more user friendly due to their portability, ease of access to ports, low power requirements and light weight. Addressing the needs of personal, business and school use, these laptops also have inbuilt Wi-Fi devices which enable users to connect to the internet easily anywhere and everywhere. Moreover, these gadgets have an additional advantage of portability which enables users to share files, access internet, and email, give presentations and make reports while they are away from their home. Due to their low power and low space requirements, they are highly preferred to desktop computers as laptop is a complete computer device with all the peripheral devices embedded in a single machine. Laptops have made the life of an individual much easier and ruled out the phase where everything official was done on paper. Nowadays, one cannot imagine seeing an office without the usage of laptops and desktop computers.

3. Baby Monitors

1The baby monitors have proved to be a blessing to the mothers who were actually worried about their baby sleeping in his/her room. A baby monitor traditionally used to detect the voices that the baby made and used to transmit it to the receiver kept in the parent’s room. Through this method, it was easier for parents to detect what the baby was doing in his room while the parents were there in their own room. The idea of this useful electronic gadget has taken a new dimension with introduction of new technologies encapsulated into these devices which led to invention of video baby monitors or baby cams. These baby cams act like a surveillance camera and monitor the movements of the baby. Most video baby monitors come with a night vision mode which automatically turns on when it is dark. Also some baby monitors come with a two way communication mode so that the caretaker can communicate with the infant while sitting at their own respective places.

Tips to Increase Your Productivity in Office

122Past few decades experience huge changes in the world of information technology, and there are numerous tools and devices that are designed to help you to increase your productivity level in office. Innovation of different advance tools has changed the whole working pattern, and in order to cope with latest changes of era, you have to learn the use of relevant technologies to increase your productivity while working in the office. Essential productivity tools help you to manage your team in effective manner while executing a project. It is important to have 5 essential tools to increase your productivity while working in the office to cope with the changes of current era.

Gadgets to Support Uninterrupted Communication

Uninterrupted communication is necessary to carry out important assignments and projects in offices. Usually, people use land line phones and intercoms to communicate with their colleagues, but these are old ways and have their own limitations. Advance and superior quality gadgets are now available to support uninterrupted communication in office.

Speaker Phones

Speaker phones are important to have during your office work, because it allows you to speak to a person or your team while handling other tasks also including typing, scripting or any other work. Speaker phones enable you to talk even during shaving, dressing or eating.

Wireless USB Headphones

Headphones are integral part of office, because without them, you couldn’t attend Skype calls for communication with your boss or clients. Headphones enable you to listen to important audios without disturbing other staff of your office. It will diminish the clutter on your office table. If you want best quality of sound without any interruption, try the best noise cancelling headphones available in all forms from full size to ear buds. These will help you to reduce background noise, and enable you to listen even at lower levels.

Cordless Phone and Headset

Land line telephones restrict you at one place, and the wireless version of landline telephones enable you to communicate with other without sitting at one place only. You will enjoy clear and stable communication with less mess on the table.

Backup/Cloud Server

Although, use of technology creates lots of conveniences in our lives, but there are some limitations of these technologies also. You may lose your important data due to power fluctuation, or any other problem, and in order to handle this situation, it is important to have backup of your essential business files. Cloud services are best to have automatic backup of your files. Cloud servers make it easy to save files in the memory of your computer, and you can easily access them whenever you need.

High Speed Internet

In this era, business is impossible without internet, because it enables you to maintain smooth flow of communication and information delivery. High speed internet will save your maximum time in downloading and uploading important business files.

Comfortable Working Environment

Working environment has its own role in the productivity of employees in an office; hence contented working environment will make your employees more productive and efficient. Ergonomic and highly structured working environment provides great comfort to your workers.